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III Fairtrade Banana Forum

Did you know that by choosing Fairtrade products, such as Fairtrade bananas, you can contribute to improving the living and working conditions of our Corporados?

Together we guarantee better opportunities and at the 3rd Fairtrade banana forum we seek to improve the living conditions of farmers and farm workers. By participating in these forums, we can learn more about the impact our consumption has on the lives of these people and how we can contribute to improving their conditions, we can learn first hand the stories of farmers and farm workers, better understand the challenges we all face. This allows us to be more aware of our choices and make informed decisions that positively impact the quality of life of our Corporados.

We successfully concluded the III Banana Forum, exchanging experiences and strengthening our strategies to promote the growth of our communities. At this meeting, we highlighted the relevance of fair wages in our region, the need to guarantee respect for human and environmental rights, and we also addressed issues of great importance for the banana industry globally.

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