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At the heart of a Fairtrade corporation's motivation is the idea that sustainable business success is only possible if it focuses on the well-being and prosperity of all stakeholders in the growth and improvement of the Corporates' quality of life. This includes the members of the company, their families, the local community and the environment.

For a Fairtrade corporation, the satisfaction of its members and the community is of utmost importance. Companies like C.I. Agrogaira S.A.S. that are Fairtrade certified strive to offer fair wages and decent working conditions to their members, and work with local communities to improve social and economic conditions in the region. In addition, these banana companies also seek to minimize their impact on the environment by adopting sustainable practices and working in collaboration with their members and the community to reduce their carbon footprint.

Who are we?

La Gaira La Familia Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality benefits to our members, their families, the community and the environment. We strive for excellence in all aspects, from the analysis of the population to be benefited to the delivery of the benefits. We provide a friendly, family-like environment for our corporate members, reflecting our corporate focus on togetherness and camaraderie. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our members, their families, the community and the environment.

From our heart and effort to the hand of the beneficiaries, because in Family, everything is better!

Mission and Vision.



Always highlighting our focus as a Gaira Family. By 2025 we want to be recognized as a Corporation with great foundations, strengthening the ties between workers, beneficiaries and intermediaries, emphasizing on giving the best effort from beginning to end resulting in excellent quality in our services.


Focus on the highest possible performance, highlighting transparency, and corporate values; honesty, solidarity, respect, responsibility and mystique for us and for our beneficiaries. Giving greater importance to the latter, which is related to human warmth, the way of expressing oneself, both verbally and physically, managing to create a suitable environment for a fraternity to emerge (The Gaira Family).

Corporate Values.

El abuelo y el nieto que se divierten



Honesty, that virtue of a good worker and a better person, for this reason stands out as a corporate value, whose presence generates a fair, reasonable and decent environment. Being an example to follow inside and outside the Corporación La Gaira La Familia.


The valuation of another person, belonging or object is something to highlight as a corporate value, it is a fundamental virtue in the human being to carry out a healthy coexistence and preserve what surrounds us; La Gaira as a Family has this value present in each of its workers.

Inside and outside the Corporation, support will be provided without expecting anything in return, always with the best attitude and presenting a sincere feeling to help others; obtaining as a side effect the strengthening of ties that unite the members of the Corporation La Gaira La Familia thus achieving to improve and provide better performance.


Facing situations with the best energies, being optimistic about the future is how La Gaira manages this virtue for its workers, being aware of the decisions taken and accepting the consequences is how we intend to achieve a pleasant and familiar environment in La Gaira La Familia Corporation.


It is related to human warmth, the way of expressing oneself, both verbally and physically, that is to say, to have an assertive communication at all times; managing to create a suitable environment for a fraternity to emerge (The Gaira Family).



  • Environmental Assistance.

  • Education Benefits

  1. High school and elementary school scholarship, children, spouses and employees.

  2. Higher education scholarship for children, spouses and employees.

  3. Payment of the right to a degree.

  4. Scholarship for courses and workshops.

  5. Educational Credit.

  • Housing loans.

  1. New Home Purchase.

  2. Home Improvement.

  3. Construction on Own Site.

  4. Legalization procedures.

  5. Cadastral appraisals.

  • Health Donation.

  1. Co-payments and Medication Assistance.

  2. Dental Prosthesis Assistance.

  3. Assistance with purchase of eyeglasses.

  4. Technical Aids.

  5. Hearing Aids.

  6. Domestic Calamities.

  7. Help with lodging for out-of-area companions.

  8. Health Credits.

  • Recreation and Sports.

  • Community Outreach.

Nustros valores
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